Phantom Infinity Retractable Screen Solutions™: Retractable Screens for Folding Wall Systems

Achieve your desired effect while maintaining function and style with Phantom Infinity Retractable Screen Solutions™. Designed to accommodate folding wall systems, oversized openings, and covered patios/outdoor rooms, Infinity Screens offer you maximum flexibility by fulfilling your width requirements with as many panels as needed. Additionally, any of the 3 ft. panels can be designed as an entryway. As with our Distinction Screens, Infinity Screens are also manufactured in Japan by Seiki Screen Systems™, the world's largest retractable screen manufacturer, and provide you with maximum airflow, protection from insects and UV rays, screening of large openings with limitless pull distances, smooth and easy operation, and elegant styling with a low profile bottom rail.

Features & Benefits

  • Remains out-of-sight until needed
  • Allows full ventilation, providing protection from insects
  • Blends seamlessly with the décor of the building
  • Allows screening of large openings with limitless pull distances
  • Features durable pleated mesh technology
  • Features low profile bottom rail
  • Offers smooth and safe operation
  • Delivers superior quality and easy clean design
  • Opens spaces to outdoor living and allows more natural light into the building
  • Provides additional peace of mind with backing of Limited Lifetime Warranty (excluding mesh & tension wire)
  • Signature and Custom Color Options
  • Mesh Options (not all options available in all sizes)


  • Folding wall systems
  • Oversized openings
  • Covered patios & outdoor rooms

Sizing Information

Single Panel 19 11/16" to 39 3/8" 81 3/16" to 93 11/16"
Multiple Panels UNLIMITED 39 3/8" to 118 1/8"

Contact us for custom sizing options.

Technical Specifications and New Construction

Please refer to the Online Specification Binder available directly from Phantom Screens.


Pricing is quoted on a per project basis and is determined by requested customization, installation/mounting types, and install components. All prices include installation by a qualified Phantom® Screens technician.

Quality, Reliability, Function and Style! There are many reasons to select Phantom® Screens.

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