Phancy Screens offers a wealth of choices including Phantom® Screens:
North America's Leading Retractable Screen Solutions

Phancy Screens owners and professional screenologists, James Lanera and Greg Caponetto, offer you a combined 60 years of shading and screening expertise at the retail and wholesale level. Their extensive knowledge of screenology makes them your premiere choice when selecting a qualified professional to help you with your screening and shading needs.

Phantom® is an innovative organization from Alberta Canada that has pioneered and revolutionized the markets it serves. Offering customers more than just function, Phantom® Screens provide style and sophistication. Now customers can achieve enhanced environmental control such as improved ventilation, blocking pesky insects, and effective solar shading while fulfilling personal aesthetics and matching décor.

No other retractable screen product offers you as much as Phantom® Screens. Select from five high quality retractable screen solutions including retractable door screens, retractable window screens, motorized retractable screens, retractable screens for large openings, and retractable screens for folding wall systems. Among the many features and benefits available to you are:

Pricing is quoted on a per project basis and is determined by requested customization, installation/mounting types, and install components. All prices include installation by a qualified Phantom® Screens technician.

Quality, Reliability, Function and Style! There are many reasons to select Phantom® Screens.

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